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Stretch marks are caused by a number of factors, but the trigger is generally dramatic body changes. When you grow suddenly the proteins within your skin tissue become weakened. As the collagen and elastin begin to fail as the skin stretches the blood vessels become visible. These damaged blood vessels are what cause the streaks in your skin.

Stretch marks can be a range of colors. Newer stretch marks are red or purple, but after time they fade and become more white or silver. Younger stretch marks are much easier to treat so if you’re looking to be rid of them it’s always better to act fast.

Why do I have Stretch Marks?

Traditionally stretch marks have been associated with pregnant women but in reality they are widespread across the board. Men, children and women are all affected by stretch marks which can occur for a lot of different reasons.

  • Family History

The skin qualities that you inherit from your family will impact whether you’ll get stretch marks. More durable and healthy skin is much less likely to have stretch marks, this is why creams, oils and moisturizers are so popular. Similarly, lighter skinned individuals are more likely to suffer from stretch marks than darker skinned people.

  • Obesity, overweight or weight gain

If you’re obese or overweight, you’re much more likely to suffer from stretch marks. As your body grows your body has had to cope with the stress and rapid weight gain is one of the leading causes of stretch marks. These changes don’t let your body adapt, therefore stopping your skin from working effectively.

  • Pregnancy or with children

Women who have given birth or are pregnant are likely to have or develop stretch marks. Their bodies change throughout the process and while your body does its best to adapt it’s not always able to. It’s not always known why certain women do or don’t get stretch marks while pregnant, but there is a range of products developed to help prevent them.

  • Weightlifting

Weight lifters can develop stretch marks as a result of pushing their bodies. They grow their muscles quickly and before the body can adapt, leaving the marks over the skin. Most commonly for weightlifters their marks will occur on their backs, legs or underarms. A steady gain in weight or muscle will reduce the risk of stretch marks.

There are other reasons that stretch marks occur, including elective surgery implications, but if you aren’t sure just consult your dermatologist. They’ll be able to examine any marks and ensure there is nothing to worry about.

common causes of stretch marksStretch marks can have a big impact on your daily life. The indented streaks on your body occur predominantly on the back, upper legs, buttocks and abdomen and affect women, men and children. With over 70% of teenage girls affected and 40% of teenage boys, it’s an issue that’s impacting a large proportion of the population.

Stretch marks can be alarming for anyone affected by them, especially if they occur suddenly. Despite very rarely having health risks they can lower self confidence and make people body conscious.

The Impact of Stretch Marks

If you don’t understand what stress marks are they can be a little unnerving. They can look sore, but in reality there are very few health implications associated with them. That being said the impact on their day to day existence can be severe.

Stretch marks can be very prominent and large, often meaning low self confidence for those affected. They’re difficult to treat and despite so many people being affected by them, they can still make you body conscious.

Often appearing in prominent places stretch marks can ruin a beach holiday or even day to day existence. Over time stretch marks do fade, but there are a number of treatments available to help make the process quicker.


Whole industries are built upon treatment for stretch marks. To find all the best information, consult a dermatologist and see the options that are available. Remember to always check the side effects of any treatment and check the effectiveness beforehand.